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  • Ready to catch up on the rest of the story?
  • RT @Borderlands: In 1 week, we’re gonna cram your brain-hole full of new info and gameplay. Tune in May 1 for the #Borderlands3 Worldwide G…
  • RT @Borderlands: Our Calypso Twins statue is now moving onto the detailing and badass weapon-ing process. Check out how @Thingergy creates…
  • When Pandora faced its biggest, most Handsome threat yet, it took a team of Vault Hunters armed with 87 bazillion guns and a beatboxing robot to save it. This is the story of Borderlands 2.Get Borderlands 2 as part of The Handsome Collection:
  • Borderlands GOTY is now dead. Not that I could join these games if I wanted to because the matchmaking is broken. Thank you for destroying something that I have been looking forward to for years.

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