Raison V

Sound Designer


I began by creating sounds and music on a mod for Deus Ex out of high school. that's when it all started... The bug to make great game audio got its grip on me and I've been dedicated to nothing but since.

Music is my other great passion and I count myself lucky to be able to do both for games.

Length of time I have been employed in the industry

2.5 Years

Game companies I have worked for

Human HeadVolition Inc.Gearbox! Woo Hoo!

Titles I have worked on

Red Faction: Guerrilla
Saint's Row 2
Borderlands 2
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Resources I would recommend for those interested in getting into game development (books, tutorials, sites, etc)

Get your hands dirty as early as possible! Whether that's making a level on your own or finding a mod team... success of the project isn't as important as the experience you gain. You gotta learn to walk the walk to represent yourself as a cultural "insider" in game development.

Remember that all jobs are filled based on "perceived risk" and the less the perception of risk the more likely you are to be hired so take an honest look at your own accomplishments and talents and decide for yourself whether you look like a risk or an asset to any company you're interested in.

Perseverance, talent and self motivation will get you want you want. If that's a career in game development... Then that's what you'll get!

First game I remember playing

Mario Bros.

All-time favorite game(s)

Final Fantasy 6

Non-video gaming hobbies

Electronic Music (Writing), Auto Cross, HPDE Events

Favorite bands/music

Too many to list...

Favorite books/authors

George R Martin, Stephen Erikson, others...