Randy P



Randy is one of three owners and founders of Gearbox software and under his guidance as President and CEO, Gearbox has grown from an idea into a leading independent game development studio with titles that have sold over 30 million units worldwide earning over $1 billion.

In 2000, Randy accepted the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences award for Best PC Action Game of the Year for Half-Life: Opposing Force (1999, PC), for which he served as Executive Producer and Director. With Gearbox, Randy also directed, produced and/or was executive producer for Half-Life: Blue Shift (2000, PC), Half-Life (2001, PS2), Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004, PC), 007 James Bond: Nightfire (2002, PC), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2002, PC), Samba de Amigo (2008, Wii) and Halo: Combat Evolved (2003, PC).

Randy served as Co-Director and Executive Producer of Gearbox's original franchise 'Brothers in Arms'. In March of 2005, Gearbox launched the franchise with publisher Ubisoft Entertainment on three platforms to achieve record sales, critical acclaim and numerous industry awards and accolades making it the best selling and highest rated WW2 action game ever released on the Xbox video game system. Since its launch, the Brothers in Arms series has released ten different games across all major console and mobile platforms generating over $300m in gross revenue. The most recent release, Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway, was a 12th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Original Story.

In 2009, as Executive Producer, Randy launched Borderlands, the fastest selling new video game brand of the year. Borderlands was released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC and other streaming platforms worldwide in October of 2009 to earn universal critical acclaim and record-setting sales. Featuring seamless single player and cooperative game play, Borderlands, as Randy put it, "is the first, great shooter looter." Borderlands has been nominated for and has won multiple Game of the Year awards throughout the industry and was nominated in two categories in the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

Borderlands 2 was launched in September of 2012 to record breaking sales and an average metacritic.com score across all platforms exceeding 90%.

Randy is also Executive Producer of Aliens: Colonial Marines launching on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Wii U in 2013.

Before becoming a full-time video game developer, Randy was a professional magician in Hollywood occasionally performing at the famous Magic Castle between classes at UCLA. Under the handle "DuvalMagic" Randy is also is a feverishly dedicated gamer who has earned a competitive reputation since the days of Doom to the end-game raids of World of Warcraft. His Xbox Live Gamer Score exceeds 80,000 points and he similarly high marks with battle.net, Steam, Game Center and other platforms with meta game systems.

Length of time I have been employed in the industry

15 + years...

Game companies I have worked for

Gearbox Software and a couple of others...

Titles I have worked on

Every Gearbox title and a few others before Gearbox...

Resources I would recommend for those interested in getting into game development (books, tutorials, sites, etc)

Start by learning how to create. Then, strive to create something interesting. Internet, books, school, friends and the modification community are all great resources to use to discover your path. Never give up.

First game I remember playing


All-time favorite game(s)


Non-video gaming hobbies

Board Games, Piano, Guitar, Sleight of Hand