BiA Getting Noticed!

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is getting the attention of our reviewers:


"Brothers in Arms is a beautiful-looking game on the Xbox, and there's a wealth of detail packed into the character models, environments, and weapons." – Gamespot


"The truth of the matter is that it Brothers in Arms is a nifty tactical game that involves more thinking than your average shooter." – IGN


"This is a game that no doubt needs to be on your 'want to buy' list if you like games like Call of Duty, Full Spectrum Warrior or Battlefield." – Fragland


"There's no denying that Brothers in Arms is going to change the genre forever." – Gamespy


"It might be similar to Full Spectrum Warrior, but it's almost as accessible as Rainbow Six 3. And with online play as well, it's shaping up to be one hell of a game." – GamesRadar


" Everything about Brothers in Arms screams that it's an impressive labor of love. More importantly, Brothers in Arms represents where the genre should be headed." – Gamespot