BiA Reaches Release Candidate Phase

Since as early as January, Brothers in Arms has been going into the release candidate phase for the various platforms (Xbox, PS2, PC). The game is essentially finished, but the team has been working on the release engineering and details required for a solid, major launch of a AAA game like Brothers in Arms.

Many of you have been visiting our website often over the past several weeks noting the changing work items counter and talking with Gearbox developers on the Gearbox forums. Thank you for your attention. Myself and other Gearbox developers are likely to spend more time on the forums as our launch tasks wrap up, so stop by and say hi.

I would expect a wide press release soon that confirms the release to manufacturing of the gold master for each platform and the final shelf date of the game.

In the mean time, please look around the new Gearbox Software website.

And, thanks for your interest in Brothers in Arms ? the wait is almost over.

Randy Pitchford, President, Gearbox Software