Community Happenings

The Gearbox Community has been particularly active, especially since the release of the Brothers in Arms SDK ! So what's going on in the community?


The SDK has been released, and a flurry of activity has been seen around the newly implemented BiA Modding Forums. A prominent mod so far is The Lost Battalion mod, which has been in development since the SDK beta.


Other mods being developed include Downfall, and there are rumors afoot about a Deathmatch mod being worked on by a GBX employee! Everyone loves the SDK!


In HaloCE news, the long-awaited Halo2CE mod has been released. We've also seen the release of the new season of the HaloCE Chronicles, a machinima production by one of our community members, UXB!


These are exciting times for the Gearbox Community – we can't wait to see what the SDK will continue to bring, and are enjoying many new members! Stop by the forums and check us out, and thanks to our Community Council members for helping compile this report!