Hurricane Relief

The disaster left in the wake of hurricane Katrina has destroyed many lives and left many more with nothing. Thousands of people are in need, and we at Gearbox are all trying to do our part – as we have done with 9/11 and the tsunami some time ago – to help our fellow men and women by donating to the Red Cross


The owners of Gearbox have donated $8,000 already, and the developers themselves have donated many thousands to aid in the relief of the victims of this disaster. In addition, Gearbox is matching donations from its employees dollar for dollar. It will take a long amount of time and a great sum of money to provide relief and aid, and we want to do as much as we can to assist.


The Gearbox Community has been doing their part, too. Member UXB has posted a great thread detailing many organizations who are accepting donations to help the victims of the hurricane. We applaud the efforts of the community to aid their fellow men and women who are suffering from this terrible disaster – we are keeping these people in our hearts and thoughts.