GBX Remembers D-Day

Today – June 6th, 2008 – is the 64th anniversary of D-Day.  It's important to us at Gearbox to recognize such historical days and the brave individuals who served in WWII.  We've put together the following pieces and hope you will observe this historical moment with us.


 From the letter from Colonel John Antal included in the Road to Hill 30 package:


"They say that big doors open on small hinges.  D-Day was a big door and it took paratroopers like Sergeant Matt Baker to make D-Day a success for the Allies.  Squad leaders may represent small hinges in the big scheme of war, but the door to Europe wouldn't open unless brave soldiers like Baker helped kick it in."


 The following are some historical pieces that help us remember D-Day.


This audio file is Dwight Eisenhower's D-Day broadcast to Western Europe, where he specifically addresses the people and what they can do, and prepares the way for the Allies to liberate Europe.


In this image, you will see the letter from Eisenhower to the Allied Expeditionary Force:





Finally, here is a historical photo taken during the D-Day invasion: