HH Behind the Scenes and More

More and more Hell's Highway features are being spotted across the net every day!  Gamespot has begun posting a series of "Behind the Scenes" videos that will take you beyond screenshots and let you meet the developers and learn about what makes Hell's Highway the experience it is.  The first video examines Operation Market Garden and discusses our commitment to authenticity and telling the story of WWII.  Check it out and stay tuned at Gamespot for new videos!


There's also a new written preview up at Gamespot – a Q&A with writer Mike Neumann.  Read it for answers to questions like "what stories from the war inspired you the most," "where will Baker's story end," and more. 


We've also seen a video about destructible cover posted in IGN, which will be posting a series of vignettes about the game and its features, so make sure you don't miss those either!  Check the video out for a look at a feature that you'll come to know and love when you play Hell's Highway!