Borderlands Previews!

Not too long ago, Gearbox sent out a preview build of Borderlands to many different gaming news outlets.  They were finally able to get some real quality time with the game, and many have now posted their impressions of the first several hours of gameplay.  Though the build didn't have everything (we can't give all the secrets away!), it had a good deal of content and many hours for the press to get a solid feel for the game.  So, on to the previews!  Check these out to learn even more about Borderlands!  The game is coming Oct. 20 (23 internationally), so maybe these peeks into the world will tide you over!


New York Times – 10 Games You Can Count On! "But I’m a sucker for any postapocalyptic combat simulation that gives me millions of possible gun configurations to play with."


Gametrailers video preview (really great!)


Ars Technica: The Well-Armed Man Is King! "If you loved the loot-collecting aspect of Diablo—and make no mistake, this is a First-Person love letter to Diablo—you're going to be in heaven here."


IGN: Further into the Borderlands "With a slick graphical presentation and so much left to see, it seems like Borderlands is on the right path."


Gamespot's Borderlands Preview "Borderlands has a wicked sense of humor along with some colourful characters, such as the town doctor, Dr. Zed. He doesn't actually have a med school degree, but he'll keep you supplied with med packs nonetheless."


IGN Videos Compilation


Gamespot Video Preview


Shacknews Preview "While my time with the game was brief, it made quite a strong impression on me. By the time I had to go, I could already feel the addiction setting in–that drive to slay just one more foe, to do just one more quest, to gain just one more level before leaving."


Kotaku: First hour of Borderlands (spoilers!)


USA Today – Game Hunters "Using each of these weapons felt very natural. Weapons deliver kickback and require the kind of accurate firing players would expect from a realistic shooter."


Gamespy Preview "I once shot a charging Skag in mid-air with an incendiary rifle, causing it to burst into a huge ball of fire, taking out a couple smaller critters nearby. Decapitations and gibs abound, so things can get nice and messy."


G4TV Preview "It might sound a bit glaringly obvious, but the biggest issue I have with Borderlands right now is that I’m already at the point where I’m looking forward to it and I’m sold on the concept. I just wish I could play beyond the stopping point in the preview to see how it plays out in the final product."


Gameaxis – character skill trees


As always, our forum community is hard at work finding every scrap of Borderlands information out there!  For the fastest, most up-to-the-minute news, previews, and more, make sure you visit the Borderlands News Forum.  Huge thanks to everyone in the community who helped find and compile these articles for everyone to see!