Mikey Plays with Pre-Orderers

It all started with an innocent tweet by Creative Director Mikey Neumann:





Before long, several people had replied with photos of themselves pre-ordering Borderlands.  Awesome!  Mikey's release day schedule was filling up pretty quickly as he responded to people wanting to play with him and get some loot!  A fun time for the whole community!





But then…





Tweets started pouring in!  It was a tweet tsunami!  Mikey didn't anticipate such an enormous response, but the promise of playing with someone at our studio AND receiving phat lewt was just too much for people to pass up.  It was huge!  Mikey should have been crushed by the sheer volume of responses, but no!  He has not only survived, he has thrived!  Here's Mikey with his list (not final):





If you're one of the lucky folks that got your pre-order in to Mikey, I hope you'll have a great time playing when he gets to you!  Keep watching him on Twitter – we never know what he'll do next!