Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

It's no secret that Borderlands has earned a great deal of attention since its release, but just how much are people talking about it?  How can we measure ourselves up in the world of popular culture?  We turned to Google Trends to pit Borderlands against some well-known celebs to see how we stacked up, because surely the internet knows all!  Google Trends analyzes web searches and news spikes to show the frequency of people searching for information related to specific search terms.  You can learn more about how it works here!  Keep in mind that Borderlands was released in late October of '09 (that's why the spike starts there), and enjoy this just-for-fun look at how Borderlands  trends vs…





Tarantino!  A director we greatly respect and whose films have entertained millions








Jay-Z! Chart-topping rapper with tons of hits!








Paris Hilton! It's her!








Sliced Bread! What more needs saying?






Well, I hope you had has much fun as I did with Borderlands and Google Trends – cheers!