Borderlands 2 Preview Roundup

With PAX Prime and Gamescom behind us, here's a look at what people are saying about Borderlands 2:

  • "The variety of environments, enemies, weaponry, and tactics seem to indicate…Borderlands 2 will be far more than an iterative sequel." – OXM ONLINE
  • Destructoid Interview with Art Director Jeramy Cooke
  • "Rarely have I gotten this hyped for a game." – HAWTwired
  • "An overhauled game with plenty of fresh surprises." – GameGrin
  • "The chance to sit in on a Borderlands 2 demo was the highlight of my Saturday." – CraveOnline
  • "Shaping up to be a great sequel to one of the best co-op games of this generation." – Co-Optimus
  • "The spirit of Borderlands is very much alive and well in the sequel: The crazy guns, the hordes of enemies, the RPG elements, and the wry, self-aware humor. It’s more of what you love." – GameHounds

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