Aliens Infestation Developer Diary #5

For the conclusion of our detailed looks behind-the-scenes of Aliens Infestation (which, by the way, is in stores now) WayForward director Adam Tierney takes things to their natural conclusion by explaining the game's unconventional approach to death.

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What if you could bring your favorite Marine back? In the game, anytime the player is killed by a human soldier, a synthetic, or a robot, they're dead as dust. No bringing them back. But when a Marine is 'killed' by any species of xenomorph, the player is presented with a unique situation. First, they'll assume control of another soldier, as usual. Shortly after gameplay resumes, they'll be contacted by their commanding officer (Steele), informing them that he's just picked up a beacon from the presumably-dead soldier. What? You mean they're alive?? That beacon is added to the player's map, and is always in a xeno hive, making it challenging to locate (as those exist only in the air ducts outside the mapped area). At that point, the player must make a choice: do they try to rescue their now-captured squad mate? Or do they press on, and leave them to die? …READ MORE

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