E3 2012, Pt. 2

The latest on Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands 2, straight from E3:

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On Preview
      New at E3 is the outdoor map, Origin … a much more open map than the previously revealed environment.
  • Borderlands 2: Zer0 Gameplay Video
      Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford narrates a loot-filled Walkthrough of Borderlands 2 and debuts the sniper class character, Zer0.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview
      Lurking from above and skittering along the walls, the developers methodically stalked their human prey, waiting to pounce at the opportune moment. The drastically different style of gameplay was fascinating, and seeing it from the other side had me dying to get some hands-on time with the aliens.
  • In Praise of Cartoon Violence: Borderlands 2 at E3 2012
      blue skyscrapers, bright red and yellow mechs looming large, and changing pace from the first game’s endless deserts. All the while, the game’s new arch-villain, Handsome Jack, taunts the player with snarky banter.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2012 Gameplay Video
      The scary world of Aliens comes back alive in Aliens: Colonial Marine. Watch Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford tell Kevin Pereira all about how the story game together. Check it out in our Aliens: Colonial Marine E3 2012 gameplay demo video.
  • Hands On – Exploring Borderlands 2
      In 2K’S E3 hands-on session with Borderlands 2, the returning co-op gameplay was very much in demand. The assembled journalists were able to play new characters Zer0 (yes, with a zero) the Assassin, and Axon the Commando, and this session specifically showcased a new multi-stage, objective-based co-op.