Borderlands Legends Coming to iOS

We're excited to announce Borderlands Legends, an all-new action packed Borderlands experience designed specifically for mobile devices that's coming to iOS on October 31, 2012 at $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad.

Like the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Borderlands Legends blends two popular genres, action RPG and strategy, to create addictive, isometric gameplay that lets players level up their characters – Brick, Mordecai, Lilith and Roland – while fending off relentless waves of Skags, Bandits, Psychos and Badasses with thousands of guns.

“Behind the big guns of Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, and Roland, fans of the franchise will be treated to a fresh take on the series' signature shoot-and-loot formula,” said Entertainment Weekly in a first look at Borderlands Legends.

The Borderlands universe is no longer just a console experience. With intuitive, touch-based commands and slick UI, Borderlands Legends combines the inventory and skill tree management that gamers already love about the franchise with a layer of strategy that is popular on mobile devices.

For more information about Borderlands Legends, including the world’s first look at the game, head over to Entertainment Weekly: //