Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt Sweepstakes

Helloooo, blogonauts! I’m Claptrap! For those of you that don’t know me, where have you been hiding? I’m the Noid of the Borderlands franchise…the face of an empire. Seriously, they use me to promote the hell out of everything around these parts. Speaking of… I’m here to announce the start of the bigass Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt Sweepstakes!

Let's be real — the Borderlands 2 fans have been great. Better than great, really — you've been, in the immortal words of William Shakespeare, "sick-ass BFFs." As a means of thanking you all, while also subtly suggesting that you continue to be sick-ass BFFs for the forseeable future, we're giving you the opportunity to get some sweet loot…both in-game AND in real life!

In partnership with PlayStation (slogan: "Greatness Awaits"), Turtle Beach (slogan: "#1 in Gaming Audio"), NVIDIA ("The Way It's Meant To Be Played"), and BradyGames ("Take Your Game Further"), 2K and Gearbox will be giving away tons of weekly prizes, including a grand prize of $50,000 in cold hard cash ("An Adequate Replacement for Happiness")!

We’ll also have four weekly cash prizes (worth a combined $50,000) and the following incredible loot, courtesy of our partners …READ MORE