Fan Cosplay Tutorial – Gaige Robot Arm Tutorial

Hillary Jae as Gaige the Mecromancer with the XXX head and Isaac Arand as Dr. Zed.


Hello! It’s Lilith Lindwall (Gearbox Software Marketing Assistant) back with more on cosplay.  Last time I wrote about the general meaning of cosplay and about my experience making a Lilith costume. Near the end, I mentioned I would be looking for suggestions on materials and tutorials to help others and build a Borderlands cosplay guide. As fortune would have it, around that time I received an email from someone who was kind enough to contribute. So today I’d like to share with you a tutorial by cosplayer Hillary Jae (also known as Pippi), all about making Gaige’s robot arm.  

I adore Gaige.  She’s adorable, spunky, she has Deathtrap (who is one nifty/deadly robot) and who can forget that robot arm she uses to summon him.  It is one sick piece of engineering. (For those of you who don’t know how she acquired it – or just want to listen again – check out her ECHO logs here). Short of cutting off my own arm and learning robotic engineering, I was really puzzled on how to make it. That’s when I got am email from Hillary Jae, a Gaige cosplayer who wrote in to show us her, and her fiance Isaac’s (also known as Ix), cosplay (he was Dr. Zed). READ MORE…