Watch Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 on Monday

As part of our live Tales from the Borderlands premiere with Telltale on Monday, the Nerdist will be streaming the entire event live, including the entire first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, Zer0 Sum!

The event kicks off at 8:00pm Central Time on the Nerdist’s Twitch channel, so tune in for your chance to see the entire first episode before it’s even available for purchase!

In other Tales from the Borderlands news, Telltale has released a new video featuring Gearbox’s Matt Armstrong, Anthony Burch, Randy Pitchford, and James Lopez discussing the collaboration between the two studios and how the game fits into the world of Borderlands.

Look out for more info on Tales from the Borderlands – which will be launching very soon – and be sure to check out the awesome trailer if you missed it!