Homeworld Remastered Collection Collector’s Edition Unboxing!

This week, we began sending copies of the Homeworld Remastered Collection Collector’s Edition to press, and unboxings are starting to roll in! Check out the video below to see a full unboxing by GameStar:

You can also check out a great, detailed unboxing from Game Informer right here, with some great shots of each thing included in the box.

Here are a few of our favorite shots, but be sure to check out all of them on Game Informer’s site.

Plenty of other members of the press will be receiving copies soon, so keep an eye out for more unboxings since we’ll keep you updated right here! Until then, it’s safe to say that people are excited to see that pretty little blue and white box arrive:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy pic.twitter.com/M7c4jYjSZX

— Alexa Ray Corriea (@AlexaRayC) February 17, 2015

Homeworld Remastered Collection is out on February 25th. Be sure to pre-order on Steam for a 15% discount!