Homeworld Remastered Collection Updated and On GOG.com!


Just in time for the 2.0 Update, Homeworld Remastered Collection is now available on GOG.com! Check it out now and get 50% off! With over 50,000 votes on the community wishlist, Homeworld: Remastered Collection has been one of the most-requested games on GOG.com, and arrives with support for the optional GOG Galaxy gaming client’s achievements and multiplayer.

On top of that, the highly anticipated 2.0 Update is rolling out today as well. You can find the full notes HERE, but to give you an idea of the scope of the update here are a few of the highlights:

  • Reworked Formations logic allows players to deploy groups of ships with more control and granularity than ever before.  Formations are now far more flexible, smarter, and reactive to the types of ships a player assigns to them.
  • Ballistic flight behavior for projectiles enhances how combat feels and looks; rounds fired can overshoot and hit unintended or tightly grouped targets.
  • Target acquisition logic has been enhanced to take speed and grouping into account; stationary units are now much more vulnerable.
  • Tactical options have been added in addition to Formations which expand the degree of control a player has immensely.  Ships designated as Offensive, Neutral or Evasive have distinct behaviors both alone and in groups.
  • Balance in both SP and MP has been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing with it many bug fixes and additional features.
  • More than 6 months of intense effort resulting in dozens of bug fixes, graphical enhancements, and performance improvements.
  • New design systems, controls, and features that expand the options available to Mod authors by an order of magnitude.  Long-requested gameplay features are now trivial instead of hacks; many systems have options and features developed explicitly for Mod authors.

For more information on the Homeworld Remastered Collection, visit www.homeworldremastered.com