The Tank Yankers Event Comes to Battleborn for Independence Day Weekend

Get ready to push and pull your way to victory! Battleborn‘s latest in-game event, Tank Yankers, kicks off today!

Tank Yankers is a game of “The Floor is Lava” Battleborn-style! Players choose from Montana, Boldur, Shayne and Aurox, or Ghalt and fight over a single capture point, all on an arena suspended over a boiling pit of lava! Knock your opponents off the ledge and into the fiery inferno below to become King of the capture point!

To coincide with Tank Yankers, a wide variety of skins and taunts are on sale for 20% off in the Battleborn Marketplace! The sale includes:

  • Premium Skins
  • Premium Taunts
  • Medieval Skins Bundle
  • Spooky Skins Bundle
  • Summer Skins Bundle
  • VIP Passes

Both Tank Yankers and the Skins and Taunts sale will run until July 5th at 8am PT/11am ET, so you can play all holiday long! And be sure to grab your Tank Yankers login reward – three Legendary Loot Packs – starting on Saturday, July 1st!