Borderlands 3 ArtStation Art Blast

Feast your eyes on tons of Borderlands 3 artwork from Gearbox Software developers over at ArtStation.

Sometimes it’d be nice to appreciate the finer details of a bandit’s outfit without them actively trying to kill you, or take a moment to admire the ink on a tattooed Tink. Perhaps you want to take in the sights on Borderlands 3’s many planets, but the call of loot keeps you constantly on the move. Today’s your lucky day, because you can see those visual wonders and many more as part of the Borderlands 3 Art Blast happening right now on ArtStation.

Concept art by Adrien Simon/GFactory

Artists from Gearbox Software are sharing selections of Borderlands 3 art from their portfolios in an absolute tidal wave of artwork uploaded to ArtStation, a hub for sharing creative work and a hotspot for members of the games industry. The Borderlands 3 Art Blast provides a collection of art from many disciplines, with works including character art, concepts, weapon modeling, UI design, level art, particle effects, and so much more.

“Each team brings their own fingerprint, their own voice, their own addition to the style that makes Borderlands what it is,” writes Brian Cozzens, Managing Director of Art at Gearbox Software and one of the originators of the prototype that led to the Borderlands series’ unique look. “The aesthetic is this living, breathing thing that takes a life of its own and gives the franchise the attitude and uniqueness so many fans cherish.”

Concept art by Max Davenport

Note that the pieces uploaded as part of the Borderlands 3 Art Blast may contain spoilers, so it might be best to come back and browse after you’ve finished the story. But if you love the visual style of Borderlands 3, you owe it to yourself to get a closer look at some of the impressive individual pieces that help make up the game’s one-of-a-kind galaxy. We hope you find the art inspiring, whether that means creating your own art or just taking a moment to appreciate a deranged bandit’s outfit during your next firefight.

If you like what you see in the Borderlands 3 Art Blast, you should also check out the upcoming book The Art of Borderlands, which is jam-packed with Borderlands 3 art and behind-the-scenes commentary from Gearbox Software. The Art of Borderlands is currently scheduled to be released on October 29.