Borderlands 3 Reviews are in!

Reviews for Borderlands 3 have started coming in! Read through some of the articles below!

“Refined movement and shooting, a legion of enjoyably challenging enemies, and the single largest arsenal of mechanically distinct firearms I’ve ever seen in a video game easily make this the best in a great series of co-op shooters.” –@IGN, Borderlands 3 Review

“Borderlands 3 is a love letter to its fans and a celebration of the style of play it first popularized.” –@GameInformer, Borderlands 3 Review – Sticking to it’s Guns

“The insane amount of content shown here including side quests, collectibles, and all the throwbacks to previous Vault Hunters and beloved characters makes Borderlands 3 an absolute delight to play through.” – @Shacknews, Borderlands 3 Review – No Rest for the Wicked