Does this sound like you?

“I love video games. Video games are the best entertainment in the world. I have wanted to make video games so much that I have spent an absurd amount of time learning. I have modified video games and I have used game development tools to create new and original things. I think I’m ready for the next step, but whenever I look for opportunities at my favorite game development studios, I can never find any openings for someone without years of experience and shipped titles already under their belt. That’s crap! I know I’m going to rock this and that I’m ready, but I need a foot in the door! I have been making cool things, but it’s time for me to go to the next level – to join a game development team and to be the best as I move forward and grow with the best. I just need a chance to prove myself!”

If you’ve said any of these things to yourself, you’re in the right place!


The COGS program at Gearbox Software is designed for future game developers to get a chance to start their careers by becoming embedded with the veteran, professional developers at our world-class video game development studio and actually contribute to a commercial video game project. It’s the real deal. This is the foot in the door. This is the chance to prove yourself.

The COGS program differs from a traditional internship because Gearbox Software will actually pay you during your time at the studio. What?! Did you read that right?! Yes, we’re going to pay you to prove yourself. We must be nuts.

But forget about us being nuts for a minute – the COGS program is as real as Clap Trap’s malfunctioning artificial personality.

COGS stands for Contractors of Gearbox Software – you will get a contract and it will say that you have become an actual, official, paid professional inside the studio that is home of Borderlands, Duke Nukem, Brothers in Arms, Homeworld, Battleborn, and Randy Pitchford’s flamboyant shirts. The contract terms can be for as little as three months or as long as a year, depending on the timing and the role. During that time you’ll get free soda. Also during that time you’ll contribute to a real commercial product at our AAA development studio earning valuable experience and credit that will not merely be rewarding and insanely gratifying, but will also set-you-up to be very valuable and sought after by the industry. And there’s free snacks to wash down with the soda. Did I already mention the soda? It’s a cool deal.


Anyone can do it, but only a few will do it. Women or man, black, white or green tartan – we don’t care what you’re shaped like or where you’re from– the only thing we care about is working together to create awesome interactive entertainment. Is that what you care about? Good! You can keep reading then. Here’s the point: the thing that defines whether people are liked and admired and respected at Gearbox Software is all about each individual’s drive and cooperation towards making the best games in the world. Our mission is to entertain the world. Simple.


Take it easy there, Moxxi. Not quite everyone can become a COGS developer. To succeed, you’ll need much more determination than the average person. You’ll need a team-work oriented personality and character that can take criticism and make others feel good about and even inspired by the criticism you want to offer them. You’ve got to have the heart of an entertainer – the basic need to give other people the kinds of feelings from video game experiences that are what convinced you in the first place that video games are the best form of entertainment our species has ever devised. And, of course, you’re going to need to be able to show us (and make it easy for us to see) some strong evidence of your progress and potential in the game development discipline you’re focused on – whether you are a programmer, artist, animator, designer or other game-development related talent, we’re going to need to see something that makes us believe you’ve taken the initiative to get started in developing some skills with a chance at going all the way.

Basically, you’ve really got to be a badass if you’re going to make it as a COGS developer. Are you a badass? I’m not talking about muscles here – who cares about that? I’m not even talking about your loud voice (or whether or not you even have a voice). Physical stuff doesn’t matter here. I’m talking about your determination to be the best and to help make stuff that blows people away. I’m talking about your passion for game development and your need to get better and better at it. I’m talking about grit, badass!

Earn XP and level up!

If you feel you are a badass and have grit and enough talent and skill to get started, please let us know who you are! We’re not expecting you to have shipped a game or to have years and years of professional experience. This is the foot in the door, remember? But if you can show us enough to make us believe you have the potential to do great things in our industry, we will race at making sure you can.


There are currently no positions available. Please check back in the future.


There are currently no positions available. Please check back in the future.


Please note: We currently have no openings for these COGS positions, however if you would like to submit your information for the next time one of these positions is available, this is the place to do so.

There are currently no positions available. Please check back in the future.