Well, it’s time again for another edition of Gearbox Community Badass! This week, we’re featuring Kaytea Rhea. Kaytea is one of our amazing cosplayers and her looks really speak for themselves. From Tiny Tina and Janey Springs to Phoebe and even Sledge, Kaytea has made a serious impression on anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing one of her looks in person. We caught up with Kaytea to find out a little bit more about her process and who’s better in a sword fight — her or her husband!

How long have you been a Gearbox fan?

I became a fan with Borderlands, and grew more in move with Borderlands 2. I got caught up in the community with Borderlands 2, and that’s when I really started to become a more dedicated fan!

What’s your favorite Gearbox franchise?

I have to say Borderlands. The diverse characters and engaging story line can’t be beat! I’m stoked even more now for the 3rd installment.

Alexandra Lee Studios- Kaytea Rhea

Who’s your favorite Vault Hunter?

Zero for sure! Then followed closely by Mordecai, Brick, Salvador, Maya! With the split screen on the PS4 I’m not allowed to play Salvador since I just waste all my ammo shooting and pick up everything before my husband can get any!

If you had a real-life action skill, what would it be?

Probably a good Phasewalk. Nothing like a speedy getaway!

You do some pretty amazing cosplays including Phoebe from Battleborn. How did you get into cosplay and how long have you been doing it?

I did a few cosplays that a friend made as a business for a couple years, to get her name out. But, I got into Cosplay, doing my own, through League of Legends, and taking upon a HUGE costume I had no skills in making. My best friend helped with the sewing aspects, and then upon her moving back to Texas she began teaching me how to do it on my own. I got really involved in the cosplay community though with Borderlands. First doing Tiny Tina and enjoying all aspects of being able to have a functioning outfit (backpack and bags!!) to her attitude and being able to just relax and be goofy all the time. From there I went to Janey Springs, I made a Claptrap.. And now Phoebe from Battleborn. Which to date is probably the most time consuming costume I have made, but I have never felt more like royalty! I had help from the Talented Natsume Ryu with the armor and her showing me how to make it out of foam so its light weight and easy to wear! And, as a side note, I’ve been known to borrow costumes too! I got Sledge (fellow cosplayer, Joe Taito) to lend me his Sledge cosplay for a good time, twice now too!! Each time I wear a costume I improve it, fix something that didn’t work right, make more comfortable, more flashy!

ACCosplay – Kaytea Rhea

What goes into choosing a character to cosplay for you?

Look and design. A lot of times I find someone that looks interesting, cool, pretty! And then look at the skills needed to make the outfit. Do I know how to do it? Can I figure it out? Why is that part floating? All sorts of questions to be answered. I enjoy picking characters also where I will be forced to work outside a comfort zone and learn new skills. Such as with Phoebe and learning how to make armor! Especially when it came to working on Rath!

Your husband Ryan also does a pretty killer (no pun intended) Rath cosplay. Who’s better with a sword?

HAHA! Well I think if you remember the Battleborn Release party HE is the one who DROPPED HIS SWORD! But I’ll give him props, he’s licked it a couple times with terrible regrets afterwards. But you do what you have to do for a neat pictures! The props themselves were great to have. Gilbert, from Detravoid Concept, made them for me. Rath’s twin blades were amazing to look at, although a bit on the fragile side. The sword I used was light weight, it might have come in at a pound max. So I think I’d win in a fight knowing I can shatter his in an instant for the winning blow!

Sledge – Kaytea Rhea

What are you most excited about for the future when it comes to Gearbox?

I’m excited to see where Battleborn goes. Playing the game now I’m having a lot of fun. I’m not so hot with PvP but my husband his, so I always aim to play with him. The story is great, and I can’t wait to see any future DLC to come out with more development into characters backgrounds. And of course, with the announcement of Borderlands 3 I’m on edge waiting for characters to start being drawn up and released to get started on a new cosplay. With the soon addition of a 3rd in our family I’ll be wanting to scale things down to make the perfect child’s size adaptation!

Where can people go to check out your work and learn more about you?

Find me on:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/kayteacosplay20
Twitter – @cowboxlover
Instagram – @cowboxlover