FRISCO, Texas (January 20, 2022) — The Gearbox Entertainment Company and president Randy Pitchford are honored to have won Tech Titans’ 2021 Corporate Innovation Award and Corporate CEO Award, respectively, on Wednesday night. The Tech Titans Awards, presented annually by The Technology Association of North Texas, celebrate companies and individuals in North Texas who are transforming the global technology industry. 


Tech Titans recognized Pitchford, the founder and president of The Gearbox Entertainment Company, for leading Gearbox through a groundbreaking year both creatively and financially. Tech Titans awarded Gearbox The Corporate Innovation prize for Borderlands Science, a citizen science-minigame within Borderlands 3 which is helping medical researchers map the human gut biome. This project is just the latest example of Gearbox’s efforts to push the boundaries of entertainment over the last 25 years. 


“These awards are a credit to the talent, work ethic, and creativity of every single member of the Gearbox family, from Frisco to Quebec,” said Pitchford. “Thank you to The Technology Association of North Texas — we are proud to be a part of this region’s thriving tech and entertainment sectors, and your recognition will only push us to continue chasing our mission of entertaining the world.” 


Gearbox enters 2022 after  an historic year in the company’s history. In February 2021, Gearbox completed a $1.3 billion merger with Sweden-based Embracer Group, becoming Embracer’s seventh operating group and giving Gearbox added resources to expand its creative output. Gearbox then announced in August 2021 the opening of a new studio in Montréal, Quebec, adding to the company’s locations in Frisco and Quebec City.