'The Vault of the Traveler,' the season finale episode of Tales from the Borderlands, will be out beginning October 20! The complete release schedule can be found below:

  • October 20: PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • October 21: Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • October 22: iOS via App Store, Android via Google Play and Amazon.com Appstore

As part of the season one wrap-up celebration, Episode One, 'Zer0 Sum' is now FREE to play!



The Borderlands Women's Fall Collection has arrived! Visit the official Gearbox Store and check out our new fall line of women's leggings, hoodies, and more!


Check Out Our New Digs!

10.02.15 - Jeff Skal

We're (mostly) moved in to our new studio in Frisco, Texas! Check out some photos of the new space, custom built for our ever-growing Gearbox team!

Talent is always welcome at Gearbox. Want to create with us in our new bespoke studio? Click here to see our current listings.



Gearbox Community Roundup - 10/02/2015

10.02.15 - Gearbox Staff

In this week's Community Roundup we check out some of the community's awesome physical creations: prop and papercraft Borderlands weapons and some beautiful Homeworld LEGO builds. More after the jump!



Thanks for Two Million Likes!

09.30.15 - Jeff Skal

Claptrap wants to personally thank our Facebook community for helping the Borderlands page reach TWO MILLION LIKES! That’s like, almost a bazillion.


That's A Lot of Battleborn!

09.29.15 - Jeff Skal

There's a lot of different ways to play Battleborn. And we're not just talking about the cooperative Story Mode and three competitive multiplayer modes.With 25 playable heroes that can be customized each match, we figured that number would be pretty huge -- and it turns out we couldn't even capture the depth of Battleborn in one infographic. But that didn't stop us from trying!

49.6 billion is a pretty big number. Let us help you put that into perspective:

  • Battleborn has 49,576,665,600 different hero and team configurations. You’ve got 7,367,013,205 neighbors here on Earth (and counting) – according to worldometer.com. Doing some simple division, it means that everyone on the planet, and then some, could jump into a 5-player co-op game of Battleborn at the same time and each team could have a totally different experience. Think about it. If you’re playing those odds, you’ve got at least 7 billion potential Internet buddies….aaaand unfortunately a couple thousand Internet trolls. Statistically speaking.
  • There are 1024 ways for you to play each base-level hero. You could pick five different variants of a Battleborn hero and ship them to every country on Earth (196) and still have enough alternate versions left to fill the roster of more than three full basketball teams. Nobody tell the NBA about Benedict’s vertical leap, OK?
  • There are 25 playable heroes in Battleborn. That’s more than SIX times the number of playable characters that shipped with Borderlands, Borderlands 2, or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Hell, that’s more than all three Borderlands titles combined.
  • For every fully-ranked Battleborn hero, there are 7,776 different ways you could play (that level progression loadout can change every single time you play). So, if you had a single 30-minute game session for each way to play, you would need to be Battleborn-ing for 162 days straight to see every permutation of just one character.  You ask us, that’s a pretty awesome way to spend several months of your life.
  • FUN NUMBER FACT: 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321. Because math. (Our resident math wizard threw this one in to make sure that you were still paying attention.)

Battleborn: Rendain Trailer

09.24.15 - Jeff Skal

Lothar Rendain, the Lord Commander of the Jennerit Imperium, has a message for you.

Pre-order Battleborn and receive the "Firstborn Pack" bonus pack -- a set of golden skins for playable heroes Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis and Rath -- when Battleborn releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 9, 2016.


Battleborn's Creative Director Randy Varnell sat down with GameSpot to talk about Lothar Rendain, the game's villain.

"Good villains are really important to us here. Part of making a good villain is to be sure they have motivations for what they do. We like to avoid what we call “mustache-twirling" that is, evil for the sake of just being evil. That’s how you get cartoon villains. But I think the great villains are a bit more complex. Complex, though, is sometimes hard to get across in a fast-moving action game, so Rendain and the Varelsi are both important parts of our conflict."

Hop over to the GameSpot article to learn more about Rendain and what makes him tick.


Borderlands 2 turns the big oh-three today! Celebrate by taking a ride with us on the time-traveling hype train to rewatch some of the trailers leading up to that momentous day, September 18, 2012.





A Little Friday Magic

09.11.15 - Jeff Skal

Spice up your Friday with a little bit of magic and watch Randy Pitchford take on IGN's resident magician, Richard Bearpark, in a sleight of hand showdown at Gamescom 2015!



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