Aliens E3 Previews

Aliens: Colonial Marines was a huge hit at E3 2011, garnering award nominations from 1UP, IGN, GameTrailers, G4 X-Play, Gaming Excellence and more! 

  • "Aliens: Colonial Marines is everything I'd want in an Aliens game." – Kotaku
  • "What we saw was enough to get us genuinely excited." – The Video Game Writers
  • "Everything is here. The motion tracker makes the familiar and unsettling high-pitched whine when it picks up the xenomorphs—which made Pitchford yell, "They're in the room!"—and the pulse rifles sound exactly like they do in the movie." – Ars Technica
  • "Go grab your DVD of Aliens – the Director's Cut, if you have it. Fast forward to the part where the Marines have discovered that Burke has betrayed them, and the xenomorphs cut the power. Remember the nonstop firefight that ensues? The frantic running, screaming, and trying to make every shot count? That's pretty much exactly how the demo of Colonial Marines feels." – The Escapist
  • "Fans will be happy that the first-person shooter has all of the familiar elements from the movies, including pulse rifles with over/under grenade launchers, flamethrowers, power loaders and acid alien blood that will do you serious damage." – The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy Blog

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