Furious 4 E3 Previews

During E3, we introduced the world to the Furious 4 – a squad of World War 2 soldiers whose favorite thing in the world is kicking Nazi ass, a squad whose adventures are the stuff from which tall tales are born.

Here's what the world had to say about our new take on World War 2 and exciting new branch for the Brothers in Arms brand:

  • "After seeing it, I'm excited to see more. I mean, grenade-mounted bear traps? Greatest generation indeed." – G4TV
  • "The story is simple: Adolf Hitler needs to be stopped, and the Furious 4 are the soldiers tasked with the ass kicking duties." – Game Informer
  • "You'll be fighting Nazis with jetpacks. Which involved wielding chainsaws. In an amusement park."- IFC
  • "Great bubblegum fun." – GameSpy
  • "After watching four Gearbox devs play through an early mission… I’m absolutely fine in taking a break from Baker." – PC Gamer
  • "This is looking very impressive and very stylish, with an almost comic book level of over the top action." – NOWGamer