The Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt Week 3 Summary: Another Successful Community Effort!

The end of Week 3 brings us closer to the end of the entire Loot Hunt Sweepstakes! You folks are unstoppable. This week you all worked together to kill over 100,000,000 creatures and collected over 5,000,000 pieces of loot, just a tad more than last week’s totals. Good job everyone!

Thanks to our friends over at NVIDIA for supplying this past week’s prizes, which included an NVIDIA Shield PC streaming set up and five GE Force GTX 660 Ti Graphics cards!

It should come as no surprise, but you all handled this week’s community challenges without even breaking a sweat. Your reward for completing them is the Skullmasher, which can be yours if you take down Rouge over in Big Bluff. READ MORE…