Meet Battleborn’s Oscar Mike, Miko and Phoebe

Battleborn is all about the characters, and this week Game Informer is going to be diving into the first nine heroes that we’ve revealed so far.

Today, they’re focused on Oscar Mike, Miko, and Phoebe, including their backstory, skills, and hands-on impressions. Check below to head to the page for each specific character, then come back on Wednesday and Friday this week for some more looks at new heroes!

Oscar Mike:

Oscar Mike is a loyal, hardened soldier who fights unquestioningly for the ideals of the Peacekeepers. He uses an assault rifle and grenades that should be familiar to any fan of first-person shooters, and his ultimate ability is to call in an Airstrike that can blow his foes to smithereens.

You can read much more about Oscar Mike right here.


Miko is a member of the Eldrid faction and a survivor of a sentient fungal megacolony that once spread across an entire planet. Miko throws out poisoned kunai knives that can wear down foes, but can also serve as a support character to heal teammates. Miko’s mushroom cap can be removed and dropped on the ground as part of an ultimate ability that simultaneously heals allies and harms enemies.

You can read much more about Miko right here.


Phoebe is one of few human members of the Last Light Consortium (LLC for short). She controls a set of floating rapiers (as well as an additional one that she holds in her hand like a normal person) that she can use to cut enemies down to size. Her ultimate ability is Riposte, which lets her block an incoming attack and then bring down the full might of her rapiers on enemies.

You can read much more about Phoebe right here.