First Trailer for Tales from the Borderlands

Last year, Telltale announced Tales from the Borderlands, a new episodic series set in the Borderlands universe. Today, you can finally get your first look at gameplay in a brand new trailer.

Tales from the Borderlands takes place on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2. You’ll play as two characters — Rhys, a Hyperion 'suit' with dreams of being the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona, a Pandoran con artist looking to score her biggest ever swindle. The pair reluctantly teams up to reclaim cash they each think is theirs, and they encounter gangsters, bandit lords, Vault Hunters and much more along the way. Tales stars Troy Baker as Rhys, Laura Bailey as Fiona, Chris Hardwick as Vaughn, Erin Yvette as Sasha, Patrick Warburton as Vasquez, and Dameon Clarke as Handsome Jack.

Tales from the Borderlands will launch soon on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC/Mac, and it’ll be on iOS and Android before the end of the year. Stay tuned for some exciting news soon, and look out for many details to come in the weeks ahead.