Homeworld Remastered: Behind-the-Scenes

We’re just days away from the launch of Homeworld Remastered Collection! Before you hit hyperspace, here’s a bit of insight into what you can expect, whether you’re a veteran commander or a novice member of the fleet.

Homeworld 1 was originally released in 1999, and Homeworld 2 followed a few years later in 2003 along with a new engine that added new features and functionality. For Remastered, we wanted to expand on that as it was the most technically advanced engine between the two games. But for Homeworld 1, that meant we needed to bring it into the HW2 engine. That meant a big challenge: creating a unified engine for Homeworld 1 and 2. Unifying the codebase enabled us to remaster both games at the same time, which provides a consistent gameplay experience between the two games, including a new user interface. The new user interface will allow for modern RTS advances, aligning it more with the original intent that wasn’t possible using the tools at the time. As a result, key commands old school Homeworld players may have been familiar with won’t work in Homeworld Remastered. As with all of the changes in Homeworld Remastered, this was done with the guidance of the original creators. Original mechanics have been preserved in the Classic versions included in Remastered Collection.