Homeworld Remastered Collection’s Mod Tools

Are you excited for Homeworld Remastered Collection? Launch is only a day away, and we still have plenty of cool new features left to tell you about.

Throughout development, we’ve been working with the original creators of Homeworld to make sure it’s been remastered with the love and care it deserves. Once we launch, we’re excited to be joined by another collaborator: you! Homeworld Remastered Collection will offer tools for the community and will support mods, allowing for some incredible opportunities for you guys to create cool stuff.

At launch, we’ll have a Steam Workshop tool available that will allow you to upload and download mods, and based on your feedback, we’ll be adding more functionality post-release. Classic mods can also be uploaded, so your original Homeworld 2 Classic mods can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop!

We’ll have a guide on Mod Tools available on Steam after launch, so stay tuned for more details!

Homeworld Remastered Collection is out tomorrow, but you can still save 15% if you pre-order on Steam today!