Legendary Drop Rate Adjustments through May 13

Updated 5/14/15: 

The last legendary drop rate hot fix has been removed — thanks to everyone who has participated and shared feedback over the past five weeks! We hope you enjoyed the extra loot.

As for next steps, our research team will begin to analyze all of the data that we received and work on a plan for next steps. We'll follow up once the analysis has concluded!


If it seems like the loot gods have smiled upon you recently, Vault Hunter, it's because they have! Well, sort of. The team has been doing some tinkering with legendary drop rates recently, and will continue to do so through May 13!

Over the next few weeks (based on the schedule below) we'll be testing out a different percentage increase to the drop rate of legendaries across the board in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (BL2 Only), Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

We can't say exactly how much the drop rate has increased week to week, but can assure you that the adjustments will never sink below the default rate!

Adjustments will be made through hot fixes that will be set live on Thursdays on the following schedule:

  • Week One: April 9 through April 15
  • Week Two: April 16 through April 22
  • Week Three: April 23 through April 29
  • Week Four: April 30 through May 6
  • Week Five: May 7 through May 13

We're looking for your feedback each week, so please share thoughts and experience with us through the weekly surveys below. These surveys will be open on Monday through Wednesday each week.

  • Week One Survey Closed
  • Week Two Survey Closed
  • Week Three Survey Closed
  • Week Four Survey Closed
  • Week Five Survey Closed