First Battleborn Hands-On Previews, More at E3 2015

For the very first time, press got their hands on Battleborn! Read what they had to say after going hands-on as Battleborn heroes fighting back against Rendain’s assault on the U.P.R. (United Peacekeeping Republic) controlled planet of Bliss.

  • "In the span of a single 20 minute mission, Battleborn cemented the playful tone of its world, and the fantastic variety of its cast of incredibly different weirdo characters in a really impressive way." – IGN
  • "This game has a hell of a lot going on." – Polygon
  • "Co-op has never been so much fun and really, no one does co-op games quite like Gearbox Software." – The Examiner
  • "The action of the gameplay was fantastic …the surprising dynamism of combat really truly worked …it just felt fun and interesting." – The Escapist
  • "Battleborn is a delicious mix of old-school arcade spirit and Gearbox's beloved Borderlands role-playing games." – Engadget

Be on the lookout for more first impressions from your favorite outlet when they get their hands on Battleborn next week at E3 2015, and be sure to follow Battleborn on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch for live updates from the E3 show floor, including exclusive livestreams of Story Mode gameplay!