Fortnite Deluxe Edition is Now Available In Stores

We hope you’re prepared to weather the storm – Fortnite has hit stores!

We’re excited to announce that beginning today, July 21st, players around the world can purchase Fortnite Deluxe Edition in-store for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™, and for PC in Europe!

Fortnite is an “Action Builder” that invites the player to flex their creative muscle by building elaborate forts and defending them from hordes of monsters. Craft, build, and fight your way through the apocalyptic storms, all while leading a group of Heroes in the battle to save the world!

Fortnite Deluxe Edition comes with the base game, Weapon and Hero starter packs, an exclusive Founder’s Pistol, 33 Piñata packs, 50 extra inventory slots, 10 in-game banner icons, 20 XP boosts, and a four-day head start!

You can purchase Fortnite Deluxe Edition from your favorite retailer, or order online.