Battleborn Day 3 Kicks Off on Friday, November 17th

The next community-run
Battleborn Day is this Friday, November 17th, and we’re excited to announce that the Battleborn devs have whipped up a couple of fun surprises for fans to celebrate the occasion!

The action starts on Friday at 2pm PT/5pm ET and runs until Sunday at 8am PT/11am ET. During that time fans will be able to collect some sweet login rewards, grab tons of loot in the Lootpocalypse, and more! Read on for all the goods:

  • Lootpocalypse
    • Boss Drop Rate Adjustment: 50% (Normal) 75% (Advanced)
    • Champion and Elite enemy drop rate adjustment
    • Champions drop all gear rarities and Elites drop more uncommons
    • All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity Gear
  • Legendary Loot Packs available for purchase
  • 1 Sugar Rush Finisher
  • 1 Loot Boost
  • 1 Double XP Boost
  • 1 Magnus Loot Pack
  • Sale on ALL Skins and Taunts
  • Skin Login Rewards:
    • Thorn – Corpse Lily Cyber Skin
    • Beatrix –  Hexcision Surgery Cyber Skin
    • Ambra – The Will to Power Gold Skin
    • Ghalt – Firstborn Gold Skin
  • All characters on Free Rotation

Thanks to community members MentalMars, DaveKillerIsh, and to everyone who helped organize Battleborn Day! We hope everyone has an awesome time.

See you on Solus!