This week’s Community Badass is none other than The Flakker’s biggest fan himself,@Blutfatal! Blut has been a fixture on the Gearbox Forums for … well, a long, long time. He’s everyone’s favorite lovable forum curmudgeon and has written several of the character guides (including his awesome “Dear Dr. Dumbass” series) that the community considers seminal and top-tier. If you’re looking for on-point knowledge about Borderlands that’s swimming in a murky (to me at least) sea of math and facts, Blut is the guy to talk to; so that’s what we did!

How long have you been playing Borderlands?

Just after the zombie dlc for bl1, so you know an hour or so… Maybe a bit more.

What is it about Borderlands that has you hooked and coming back for more?

Because I can solo everything honestly. I don’t like games where I have to have team mates to do anything, it’s an instant turn off. That or the grind, never really though about it too hard.

Who is your favorite playable character?

Can I say PH? No? Fine… I’ll just say axton because he was a well balanced character and no one played him.

Why do you hate The Flakker so much? ;D

I don’t know, why do you like ventriloquist dummies? Most of the gbx forum members who have been around a long time know why I originally went with it, because I wanted to prove that what you see isn’t reality. Mind you I am completely insane and I get majorly bored fast.

You’ve written so pretty amazing guides for the community over the years. Any tips or secrets that you can impart to aspiring guide writers?

Opinions aren’t facts, stick with provable facts. It won’t get the YouTube likes but at least you stick with what a guide is and not a top 5 weapon video. It’s obvious The Flakker is all of the top five, it has multiple parts and prefixes.

If you could have a real-life action skill, what would it be?

To have Neil DeGrasse Tyson to come out of the shadows and slap someone.


What are you most looking forward to seeing from Gearbox in the future?

Them giving me free games for life hint hint

Where can people go to check out the latest from you?

I only have a YouTube currently, as my job doesn’t allow me to actively maintain Facebook or the like.

I swear I’ll upload videos sooner or later, just busy with not caring or something. Other than YouTube, I just pop on here and maybe once a month I pop into discord to type something stupid then leave.