In this week’s edition of Gearbox Community Badass, we’re featuring Borderlands streamer and YouTube content creator @RLeeson85, aka Rob! Rob is an awesome guy who has built a great community around his heavily Borderlands-centric Twitch stream and YouTube channel, and we’re excited to have him as this week’s Gearbox Community Badass!

How long have you been playing Borderlands?

I have been playing Borderlands for about 6 years now I started with the launch of the first game. I remember seeing the trailers and for it and being really excited for how different it was to any other games at the time.

What is it about Borderlands that has you hooked and coming back for more?

The thing that interested me the most was the art style and the looting system of the games. I love FPS games and the Borderlands franchise adding that along with the RPG elements was something I really enjoyed. The humor and story are also obviously a huge part on why I really enjoy the games too.

Who is your favorite playable character?

Well, my first character I played as was Brick and I have a soft spot for him but I came to actually enjoy playing as Lilith much more in Borderlands 1. When it comes to my favorite game in the series my go-to and favorite character is Salvador the Gunzerker.

Any favorite stories from your time on Pandora?

Favorite stories from Pandora? I will just say FARMING THE BUNKER FOR OVER A YEAR FOR THE PERFECT SHAM!! RNG PLEASE!!

How long have you been streaming and how did you get started?

The first time I streamed Borderlands was right before the launch of Borderlands 2. I was getting back into the series and started streaming on my YouTube channel. I then eventually moved over to Twitch with Borderlands 2 and have met a lot of amazing people since I started streaming. I have always been into making content for my Youtube channel I created back in 2008 and have been making videos for a while and streaming was just second nature and something I enjoyed doing.

You’ve managed to create a very successful streaming community for yourself. Any tips for someone who may be thinking about streaming, but not sure where to start?

My tips for streaming would be to just be yourself and go into it without expecting the world from it. I see people come into streaming trying to make a career out of it and getting upset when it does not work out. Just have fun and enjoy it. If its not something you enjoy then no one else will be able to enjoy it with you.

What are you most looking forward to seeing from Gearbox in the future?

BORDERLANDS 3!! Obviously looking forward to anything new within the Borderlands series, but from Gearbox in general, I have an eye on Battleborn. I am not sure if this game will be for me or not, but I am keeping an eye on it and looking forward to seeing what comes from Battleborn.

Where can people go to check out the latest from you?

If anyone wants to contact me I would say the best place to reach me would be
I also do my streaming and Youtube channel for content they can follow me on those: