Anniversary Edition Contains New Content, New Features, Classic Duke

FRISCO, Texas (June 16, 2020)Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour will launch on the Nintendo Switch™ system on June 23, 2020, Gearbox Publishing announced today. This edition of the landmark first-person-shooter contains the 1996 classic Duke Nukem 3D in its full glory with classic Jon St. John one-liners, Bobby Prince’s legendary soundtrack, an all-new episode containing eight original levels from original designers Richard “Levelord” Grey and Allen H. Blum III, and Nintendo Switch specific features, ported to the new platform by SONKA Games.

“I joined the Duke Nukem 3D development team in the mid-nineties and am proud to have been a part of the emergence of the 3D First Person video game genre that would enhance the entire video game industry,” said Randy Pitchford, founder of The Gearbox Entertainment Company. “This project has made it possible for us to reconnect with first person pioneers Allen, Richard, Lee, Jon, Ken, Bobby and others to all be able to come back together to not just be nostalgic, but to have an opportunity to enhance our original work and even bring something new, including an entirely new episode added to the classic game. Today, we are thrilled to have the entire Nintendo Switch family join us on this adventure.”

From now through July 7, fans can purchase Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour on the Nintendo eShop at a 50% discount. Gearbox Publishing encouraged gamers to pre-order now to take advantage of this offer and be ready on June 23 when it releases worldwide.

Set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo eShop at an MSRP of $9.99, Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour contains:

  • Nintendo Switch Specific Features – Utilize the Nintendo Switch to its fullest with optional gyroscopic aiming, HD rumble, motion controls, and local wireless multiplayer.
  • All New Episode Five – Complete an all-new episode containing eight original levels created by the original designers of Duke Nukem 3D, Allen Blum III, and Richard “Levelord” Gray.
  • New Music and One-liners – Episode Five has original music composed by Lee Jackson, original author of Duke Nukem’s iconic theme “Grabbag” and sound designer for Duke Nukem 3D, along with new one-liners from the voice of Duke himself, Jon St. John.
  • In-Game Developer Commentary – All-new behind-the-scenes original development team commentary accessible in-game.
  • Optionally Remastered – Play the game using the Ken Silverman’s original 1996 graphics engine or toggle in real time to play with the original content rendered at high fidelity and enhanced frame rate using Gearbox’s “True3D” graphics engine.

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This title was rated “M for Mature” by the ESRB.

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