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Battleborn is developed by the teams behind the critically acclaimed hybrid role-playing-shooter Borderlands 2, and is an ambitious fusion of genres. The game combines highly-stylized visuals and frenetic first-person shooting, with Gearbox’s industry-leading co-operative combat, and an expansive collection of diverse heroes. Battleborn is set in the distant future of an imaginative science-fantasy universe where players experience both a narrative-driven co-operative campaign, as well as competitive multiplayer matches.

Game Informer's coverage of Battleborn continues today with a new article that dissects the elements and influences that make Battleborn's gameplay feel both familiar and unique.

Catch up with the rest of Game Informer's previews, including hands-on impressions, character profiles, and more over on the Battleborn cover story hub.


New Game Informer Video Interview

07.21.14 - Gearbox Staff

As part of its ongoing Battleborn coverage, Game Informer has posted a new video interview with Gearbox president and CEO Randy Pitchford, executive producer Sean Reardon, Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell, and design director John Mulkey. The guys discuss everything from the origins of Battleborn to why we’re focusing on a new IP instead of Borderlands 3, and much more.

You can watch the video right here on Game Informer’s site.

In case you missed it last week, we also revealed the first nine Battleborn characters in groups of three here, here, and here, and you’ll be able to see plenty more from Game Informer’s ongoing month of Battleborn coverage in their cover story hub.


Continuing the series that started earlier this week, Game Informer has posted new info on the final three characters in our first batch of nine – Rath, Marquis, and Caldarius.

Just like we saw on Monday with Oscar Mike, Miko, and Phoebe and on Wednesday with Thorn, Montana, and Reyna, today’s installment has each of the characters’ backstories, skills, and some hands-on impressions of how they feel in-game. These are the last of the characters we’re revealing for now, but stay tuned since there are many, many more to come.


Rath is a Jennerit swordsman who abandoned his post as a royal guard to join the front lines of battle. He carries two huge katanas (plus stores a big extra one on his back) and makes up for his lack of projectiles by beating brutal in close combat. His ultimate ability lets him turn into a spinning circle of bladed death as he spins around and closes in on enemies to cut them down to size.

You can find out much more about Rath right here.


Marquis is an LLC robot who once served as Phoebe’s butler before he acquired some sketchy programming and was dismissed. Best from long range, Marquis uses his cane-turned-sniper rifle to hit enemies from afar, and he can also send out robotic owls named Hoodini that circle the skies and rain down on enemies like adorable missles. Marquis’ ultimate ability is the Overcharge Blast, a brutal shot that does massive damage if it connects.

Find out even more about Marquis at this link.


Caldarius is a heavily armored shocktrooper who was a renowned Jennerit fighter. Armed with a badass jetpack and an even more badass sword and gun combo, Caldarius is great at coming down from above for quick hits on enemies, then making a quick escape before they can retaliate. Caldarius is the furthest out of these first nine characters and some of his moves are still in development, but the current (subject to change!) plan is for an ultimate ability that allows him to come crashing down from above and create a shockwave that decimates his enemies.

Get some more details about Caldarius right here.


Continuing the series that started earlier this week, Game Informer has a look at three more of Battleborn’s characters -- Thorn, Montana, and Reyna.

Just like last time, these profiles each focus on the characters’ backstories, skills, and even some hands-on impressions of what they’re like in-game. There’s still one more set of characters to be revealed out of our initial batch of nine, so check back on Friday for some more new heroes!


Thorn is an archer trying to maintain her Eldrid ideology while surviving in the new world. She’s one of the fastest moving and highest jumping characters we’ve got, and she uses a bow that can shoot cursed arrows to mow down bad guys. Her ultimate ability allows her to call in a ghostly wolf that will tear any enemies to shreds.

You can read much more about Thorn right here.


Montana is a Peacekeeper soldier with a heart of gold who basically just wants everyone to have fun. He’s by far the biggest character in Battleborn so far, and totes a gigantic Gatling gun to match his massive frame. Montana’s slow and can’t really hide behind cover, but he can take a lot of damage, and he can dish plenty of it out with his gun (but be careful of overheating!). Montana’s ultimate ability is Mansformation, which allows him to choose a target and slam down onto them. Mansformation also turns Montana’s skin to metal, minimizing incoming damage.

Find out even more about Montana at this link.


Reyna is the closest thing to a commander that the disjointed Rogue faction has to offer, rallying the eccentric troops through sheer charisma. She comes armed with a pistol as well as the Command Glove, which lets her shoot a slow-moving projectile that can knock out enemy shields. Her ultimate ability lets her warp to an ally to help them during the fight, which means she can also quickly get out of dodge if things get hairy.

You can get some more details about Reyna right here.


Battleborn is all about the characters, and this week Game Informer is going to be diving into the first nine heroes that we’ve revealed so far.

Today, they’re focused on Oscar Mike, Miko, and Phoebe, including their backstory, skills, and hands-on impressions. Check below to head to the page for each specific character, then come back on Wednesday and Friday this week for some more looks at new heroes!

Oscar Mike:

Oscar Mike is a loyal, hardened soldier who fights unquestioningly for the ideals of the Peacekeepers. He uses an assault rifle and grenades that should be familiar to any fan of first-person shooters, and his ultimate ability is to call in an Airstrike that can blow his foes to smithereens.

You can read much more about Oscar Mike right here.


Miko is a member of the Eldrid faction and a survivor of a sentient fungal megacolony that once spread across an entire planet. Miko throws out poisoned kunai knives that can wear down foes, but can also serve as a support character to heal teammates. Miko’s mushroom cap can be removed and dropped on the ground as part of an ultimate ability that simultaneously heals allies and harms enemies.

You can read much more about Miko right here.


Phoebe is one of few human members of the Last Light Consortium (LLC for short). She controls a set of floating rapiers (as well as an additional one that she holds in her hand like a normal person) that she can use to cut enemies down to size. Her ultimate ability is Riposte, which lets her block an incoming attack and then bring down the full might of her rapiers on enemies.

You can read much more about Phoebe right here.



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